• Internships

    Earn College Credit — and a Real Wage — Working Alongside of Cloud Computing's Leading Thinkers


    Our Philosophy on Teaching

    Through our award-winning student internship program, KDA strives to offer designers and developers a broad range of opportunities to hone their technical skills and acquire valuable knowledge about the cloud computing marketplace. Our mission is to go beyond standard training and enrichment exercises to give our interns, just like every full-time member of our team, real-world experience that maximizes their future success in our industry or any other.



    KDA interns are compensated in a variety of ways:

    • Competitive hourly wages;
    • School credit, when applicable (Students at SUNY New Paltz should reference KDA Web Technologies’ job postings on the Career Resources Center’s official Website.);
    • Knowledge transfer and skills development through real-world project collaboration with KDA’s experienced teams of designers, developers and cloud experts


    What’s it like working as a KDA Intern?

    We do things differently at KDA Web Technologies.  While some internship programs give interns basic, low-level tasks that may or may not teach the intern anything new (other than were, for example, the coffee machine lives), we have our interns working on real teams with real developers working on real projects for real clients.

    We provide an environment where learning is not only encouraged, but required; where creativity, individuality, innovation, and teamwork are mandatory; where failure isn’t something to be feared, but something to embrace (as failure implies the exploration of new ideas).  Everyone at KDA — interns, contractors, and employees alike — is comfortable to be themselves and have fun and do great things.

    What’s Expected from a KDA Intern?

    Successful interns demonstrate a strength in delivering a consistent, high quality work product and the ability to interact engagingly and professionally with clients, teammates and other KDA partners and vendors. Typically, at the beginning of their employment, interns work from one of KDA’s offices alongside full-time members of our organization. Self-starters, or interns who quickly demonstrate a strong capacity for efficient self-management, are generally allowed greater flexibility in regard to telecommuting options.

    KDA’s award-winning internship program has been recognized for providing an exceptional educational experience.  By the completion of the program, most interns have progressed sufficiently to work with our professional staff servicing clients located all over the world.  Therefore, we expect our interns to learn and to grow — to transition from being brilliant students into brilliant developers, designers, and technologists!



    Awesome!  How do I become an intern at KDA?

    Use our online application or send us an email (internship at kdaweb dot com) introducing yourself!  Don’t forget to include your resume and a cover letter.  Students (both current and past) from SUNY New Paltz are encouraged to visit KDA’s booth at the next SUNY New Paltz Career Center Networking Fair for Jobs and Internships.

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