• Our Process

    A Shared Journey Through Each Stage of the Development Process


    From planning and wireframing to testing and deployment, and every phase in between, we strive to engage our customers in a process of collaborative development, through which we are both driven to challenge each other to achieve ever greater efficiency, comprehension and, above all, value in the solutions we create — together.

    Strategy & Planning

    Diligent Study of Business Objectives and Functional Requirements

    • Isolate the primary business goals and objectives driving the project;
    • Develop a comprehensive understanding of business use cases and all user types;
    • Identify opportunities for leveraging existing solutions, such as the core applications in the Google Apps for Business collaboration suite, to fulfill key business needs or functional requirements;
    • Develop a long-term roadmap for the successful execution of the project.

    Migration & Adaptation

    Transfer Existing Data or Adapt Legacy Software to the Google Cloud

    Whether we’re building an entirely new application or helping a customer move to a new cloud platform like Google Apps for Business, KDA understands that the seamless migration of legacy data, such as documents, email and calendars, is paramount to the success of a deployment. KDA thus take cares to minimize risk to integrity and security in the transfer of data, and takes an active approach to identifying opportunities for consolidating or modernize existing data infrastructure for new platforms in ways that maximize the continued accessibility and discoverability of data for your users.

    Testing & Evaluation

    Comprehensive Testing for Platform Compatibility, Useability and Strict Adherence to Current Web Standards

    Each of KDA’s custom application’s undergoes a strict and well-refined process of testing and evaluation to ensure the delivery of a secure, stable solution and an adaptable, intuitive experience for every user — across every platform and device. KDA conducts a series of comprehensive tests on each of its custom software solutions to ensure:

    • Cross-platform performance, with maximum uptime and availability;
    • Cross-browser compatibility (with support for Chrome, Safari, the most recent two versions of Internet Explorer, and their mobile equivalents);
    • Sound data modeling, including adherence to industry or client-specific security standards and regulatory requirements;
    • Usability and Accessibility.

    Prototyping & Development

    Build Dynamic, Modern Web Applications Fit for Every Device

    KDA’s developers, U/X experts and architectures provide wireframes, user-flow diagrams and other visual tools to help our customers understand every facet of a proposed solution. When possible, we reference previous examples of our work to facilitate a substantive discussion with key stakeholders and decision-makers about the application’s core features and functional requirements before moving forward with development. If necessary, we also fast-track the production of live HTML prototypes to provide interactive demonstrations of features that warrant additional attention to detail.


    Integrate Local, On-Premise Data or Software Solutions with Your Cloud Infrastructure

    KDA understands the importance of preserving continuity in the transition from an existing solution to a new one, including the ability to retain legacy sources of — or connections to —internal or third-party hosted data. Thus, our developers always take a future-friendly approach to development, ensuring that existing local, on-premise or third-party data solutions, such as accounting software or HR solutions, for example, are easily integrated with our Web-based applications in order to maintain the seamless and secure flow of information across platforms or solutions.


    Deploy Your Solution to Google's Secure, Scalable Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure

    Once a solution has undergone extensive testing, KDA’s developers work with our customers’ technical teams to assemble a detailed plan for go-live, including the retirement, backup and transition off of legacy solutions; technical and administrative training; onsite user support during and immediately after go-live; and internal communications, which is often the key to the successful deployment of new internal technology solutions.

    With each deployment, one of our utmost goals is to seize on opportunities to educate our customers in the ‘How and Why’ of a solution’s architecture in order to maximize the long-term viability of self-servicing and support.

    Documentation, Maintainence & Support

    Enjoy Long-term Technical Support and Feature Upgrades by Expert Developers

    While equipping our customers’ internal teams will the skills and knowledge to support and enhance our solutions long after go-live remains a top goal, KDA understands that unforeseen challenges and questions — or new opportunities for additional features or enhancement — might arise. To that end, KDA provides comprehensive, long-term technical support for each of our solutions. Details about our various support agreements are available upon request.

    Additionally, KDA’s developers maintain extensive development logs and generate comprehensive documentation throughout each stage of the development process covering everything from solution architecture to end-user adoption and key administrative functions.

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