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    Superior Competency through Shared Knowledge and Agility

    KDA Web is a team of technologists whose expertise spans a wide range of languages, platforms and disciplines. We harbor a deep appreciation for both the importance of sound, sturdy application infrastructure and the necessity of an attractive and intuitive user experience.

    We begin each new project on the very solid foundation of our collective knowledge in application design and development, and through a well-honed process of information gathering and knowledge transfer, are able map each team member’s strengths and expertise to the specific functional requirements of the solution we’ve been commissioned to build.

    Every team member is encouraged to foster skills that extend beyond their core knowledge base into disciplines that naturally broaden their comprehension of the entire development process and thus equip KDA at large with the agility to quickly respond and adapt to wide range of customer requests and technological requirements.


    We approach each solution from a broad range of perspectives and schools of thought, because enterprise solutions extend well beyond quick fixes.

    The KDA team has broad business experience in areas of marketing, finance, organizational development, sales and HR. This broad knowledge base allows us to work with clients to develop solutions that are easy to use, address the full spectrum of the need, and will work well into the future.

    When designing an approach to a solution we, consider scalability, flexibility, extensibility and security. Our underlying strategy and purpose is to build cloud-based solutions that take advantage of the flexible and scalable aspects of the cloud, while maintaining ease of use and security. We staff certified developers who also possess a strong grasp for the business underlying the solutions we build. Thus, that can as speak intelligently to the pricing models for various Cloud Platform solutions as to the security measures required for either private and public facing applications.


    Knowledge Transfer Enthusiasts

    Many top clients often ask us to take on the role of educator, extending our engagements into areas of skills development via short, days-long seminars covering specific topics in enterprise application development or even months-long work studies through which our experts instruct their technical teams in comprehensive curricula designed to cultivate internal talent within their organizations.

    Members of KDA’s team often offer training exercises or workshops, for example, in online forums, developer groups and even university classrooms. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of Web technologies, especially those related to the Google Enterprise Cloud, and are enthusiastic about sharing our continually growing knowledge of the platform with others.

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