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    Drive New Efficiency Through the Seamless Integration and Centralization of Data


    Our Big Data Expertise

    KDA excels is in the integration of complex data solutions with existing or new technology infrastructure, especially for solutions leveraging Google’s Cloud Platform.  Many of the applications we build serve to streamline and connect a variety of disparate data sources, whether across relational databases (Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite), or in tandem with hosted enterprise solutions, such as Google Drive, Google Vault and other core components of the Google Apps for Business collaboration suite.

    Our Cloud Data Solutions and Services

    Data Integration

    Seamless, Secure Integration of Data Sources

    Integrate existing local or on-premise data solutions with cloud-based infrastructure to achieve a seamless and secure hybrid flow of information across disparate segments of your business.

    Data Migration

    Minimize Risk and Maximize Discoverability

    Whether you’re building an entirely new application or moving to a new enterprise cloud platform like Google Apps for Business, KDA understands that the seamless migration and integration of legacy data, such as email, calendar and documents, is paramount to the success of your deployment. KDA’s data migration practices thus take cares to minimize risk to integrity and security in transfer and include mechanisms for identifying opportunities to consolidate or modernize existing data infrastructure while ensuring maximum discoverability for your users.

    Spacial Data

    Harness the Google Cloud Platform for Geography-Drive Data Intelligence

    Harness the power of Google Maps Engine and Google Maps Coordinate to build unique applications for analyzing and visualizing geospatial data. For example, view sales performance by geographic region or streamline marketing efforts by identifying areas with high concentrations of your target customer.

    Dashboards & Trends Analysis

    Aggregate and visualize data for easy consumption

    Most organizations accumulate more data than there is time to properly consume and analyze it. Dashboards offer a modular vehicle for presenting decision-makers and other key stakeholders groups with easily-consumed visualizations, such as pie charts, bar graphs and scatter plots, to empower them to quickly access and analyze important operational data. Whatever the source of data — from spreadsheets, to SQL databases to third-Party RESTful Web services —  our Google Cloud Platform based dashboard solutions offer valuable visual insight to key performance indices for your business.

    Predictive Analysis

    Remove the Guesswork from Business Decision-Making

    Is your organization looking to mine large databases for key insights about operations and performance? Google BigQuery offers one of the world’s most powerful engines for surfacing predictive intelligence from huge datasets to provide businesses with a solid foundation from which to make important decisions about future direction. Remo

    Transactional Data

    Maximize Availability and Ensure the Security, Integrity and Regulatory Compliance of Your Data Management Processes

    KDA writes database interactions that leverage ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) transactional techniques to preserve uptime and ensure 100% data retention, even in the event of a server crash or network outage, for example. No matter the catastrophe, you’re data is always securely stored and easily retrieved during service disruptions. After all, any software applications is only as good its ability to process data, and even the most expertly designed solution will produce poor results without the support of a sound, sturdy data model.

    As the old adage goes (for those who have ever attended a Computer Science class), ‘Garbage in, garbage out.’

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