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    Ensure Longterm Success in the Enterprise Cloud Building Internal Expertise on the Technologies Powering Your Business


    Beyond KDA Web’s core competencies as designers and developers, we are also educators with a proven appreciation for the importance of professional skills development. We thus engage our customers’ technical teams in an ongoing enrichment regimen to ensure they are equipped to fully support and extend our solutions well beyond their initial go-live.

    After you’ve invested in new technology, such as Google Apps or a new Website or custom Web application, you want to get the very most out of your investment.  How frustrating is it to watch somebody do something “the hard way” when there’s a faster, easier way to do it?

    Or worse, how maddening is it to put a policy in place about how a certain piece of data is put in to the system only to find that the department entering the data is doing it one way and the department providing reports on that data is working from a completely different set of assumptions?

    KDA can work with you to train key stakeholders and teams at every level of your organization in new technology solutions and business processes.

    Training and education are core components to KDA’s mission.  In fact, several members of KDA’s leadership team have taught at the collegiate level and continue to work with higher learning institutions to develop and deliver Computer Science curricula designed to equip the next generation of developers with skills tomorrow’s marketplace demands.

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