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    From Desktop to Mobile, and Everything in Between

    Leveraging a diverse set of UNIX-based tools, KDA builds primarily on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl/Python). Much of our expertise also extends into Java/J2EE development governed by strict adherence to an open standards-based approach that ensures maximal extensibility for all of our custom application solutions. We also take cares to maximize accessibility by tapping into the very latest in HTML5 and CSS3 best practices alongside cutting-edge responsive design techniques, to facilitate the creation of platform agnostic, feature-rich applications designed to anticipate and respond to the rapidly evolving demands of today’s social mobile professional.

    Our Development Services

    eCommerce Solutions

    Transform Your Online Presence into an Effective Source of Revenue

    Today, eCommerce means many things to many people. Traditional eCommerce concepts include allowing web sites to sell products online. More and more, the eCommerce umbrella includes access to digital assets and content. This can include digital goods (videos, documentation), special-purpose applications (APIs), access to niche communities, and so on. KDA employs a range of tools and services to tailor a solution to your exact needs that are safe and secure.

    Content Management

    Minimize Time Required to Manage, and Focus on Content

    Primarily leverage the WordPress open source platform, our content management solutions leverage Google’s powerful enterprise Cloud Platform to offer publishers extensible, adaptable tools for centralizing the publication and distribution of all types of content, across all devices and operating systems.

    We develop with particular attention to bringing non-specialized administrative users a publishing experience that requires minimal knowledge of the technology and zero experience with HTML or other coding languages. Content managers are thus equipped with tools to maximize the value, accessibility and portability of content — from basic text documents to rich multimedia — from a centralized, user-Friendly interface that requires minimal technical expertise.

    Dashboards & Trends Analysis

    Aggregate and visualize data for easy consumption

    Most organizations accumulate more data than there is time to properly consume and analyze it. Dashboards offer a modular vehicle for presenting decision-makers and other key stakeholders groups with easily-consumed visualizations, such as pie charts, bar graphs and scatter plots, to empower them to quickly access and analyze important operational data. Whatever the source of data — from spreadsheets, to SQL databases to third-Party RESTful Web services —  our Google Cloud Platform based dashboard solutions offer valuable visual insight to key performance indices for your business.

    Collaboration Solutions

    Pool brainpower to produce better results, faster

    Collaboration drives innovation, creativity, productivity, and profitability. Speed of Innovation and Time to Market drive today’s competitive business environment. Facilitating easy, fluid collaboration between members of small and large teams can often hold the key to driving new innovation within an organization. KDA helps your harness the power of Google’s collaboration tools to maximize the competitive advantage they can bring your organization.

    Portals & Intranets

    Centralize Access to Important Company Data and Target Users with Relevant Content

    Company portals and and intranets differ from traditional Websites in that, instead of providing access to everything to everyone, when optimized, they provide valuable mechanisms for targeting content directly to the end-user rather than relying on users to identity relevant content on their own.  KDA specializes in helping organizations leverage company intranets and collaboration portals to target features and content directly to those who need it — when they need it — by offering user-friendly features for centralizing important organizational data at a single point of access; tailoring the user experience to conform to company brand guidelines; and identifying opportunities to offer individual users a personalized experience to maximize usage and.

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