• Deprecation Preparation

    Prepare Your Organization to Transition from the Google Apps Provisioning API to the Google Admin SDK


    As of May 2013, Google is officially deprecating the Google Apps Provisioning API, which enables custom applications and data connectors to programmatically enable individual user access to several of the core tools in the Google Apps Web-based collaboration suite. More specifically, the API provides a comprehensive set of methods for creating, retrieving, updating and deleting users across various services made available through one or more Google Apps domains.

    If you’ve found your way here, chances are that you currently use some component of the Google Apps Provisioning API to perform any of an endless number of tasks involved in synchronizing user data across Google Apps and other software solutions that your organization relies on to operate at its very best each day.

    The features historically associated with the Provisioning API that facilitate such synchronizations aren’t disappearing entirely. In fact, they’ve merely been streamlined and replaced by the new Google Admin SDK, which provides Google Apps administrators with an even richer set of tools and resources for managing users, groups, devices and apps, all from a centralized administration panel.

    Even still, if you currently leverage the Provisioning API to synchronize important company data across applications and services, you need a sound plan for migrating to the Google Admin SDK in order to avoid disruption to the underlying processes that allow your users to conduct day-to-day operations.

    As a Google Apps authorized reseller with a proven track record of excellence in servicing some of the country’s most reputable educational institutions, not to mention more than 15 years of experience in systems administration, KDA has designed and tested a process to ease your transition to Google’s new solution for user provisioning and data synchronization.

    To access a white paper documenting KDA’s process for Migrating from the Google Apps Provisioning API to the Google Admin SDK, complete the form below and a download link will be sent to the email address your provide.

    Access the KDA Web Technologies White Paper on Migrating from the Google Apps Provisioning API to the Google Admin SDK

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